Helen Begg-Tyrrell Portfolio

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Imagined Worlds

Recent  works in oil on canvas inspired by stories and fairy tales.

People and Places

Works inspired by myth, pschychology and architecture, particularly that of Oxford

More than most artists, Helen has learned to read the eyes of a house and pick up the spirit of a street and then bring their message to life in her part-figurative part-mythological works.

These paintings inhabit a mysterious kingdom all their own, where little shadow-figures dodge and scamper through life, framed by facades that are familiar one moment, full of strange dream-turrets the next. It is a joy to place a literary interpretation on the various drama-snapshots you see here.

If you know the immortal streetscapes of Oxford, you may recognise many of them popping up in these stylised treatments of Helen's home city.


Screenprints around the Harlequin theme.


Portraits in oils,  charcoal,  pen and ink, and clay.

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