Helen Begg-Tyrrell



Prelude (Inspired Art Fair) Spitalfields, London E1.

Selected Artists - Solo Stand,

  March 7th, 8th 9th

Sanders, 104 High St,Oxford OX1 4BW   


Modern Art Oxford            

'The Oxford Season'

  Jan 11th-26th

Jan 11- Feb 17th

Queens Park Arts Centre Café, Aylesbury. 

(Solo show) 

      Jan 8th-19th


Dragon School, Oxford. Selected artists(Oxford Artweeks)

Queen's Park Arts Centre, Portrait group Show

Aylesbury Grammar School, Open

Courses Ox Ad Ed, Open


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The Little Gallery, Broad Street,Oxford.                    


  Nov 16th – Dec 7th

Said Business School, Oxford  

(O.A.S. Open)

  Oct 17th – Nov 3rd

Said Business School, Oxford


     Sept 17th – 24th

Dragon School Gallery, Dragon School, Oxford

(Oxford Artweeks with Rona)

May 31st – June 6th


The Magic Cafe, Magdalen Road, Oxford - Solo Show

The Studio, Oakley, Bucks - Group show                      (Bucks Open Studios)

Aylesbury Grammar School, Open

Brill School, Open

Queens Park Arts Centre, Group show.